Kit.gif If you are trying to decide whether to remodel, add-on or move to a new location. Experience shows that if you will remain in your present home five to seven years after redoing your home, appreciation and inflation usually will offset the cost of your improvements.

Kitchens and baths are the two areas which are the most expensive to update. They are also the areas which add most to your living comfort and help sell your home in the future.

Whether remodeling or building new, most times it is advisable to go for more space(square feet). One can always embellish the space later with more expensive finishes, i.e. carpet, wall covering, built-ins, etc. But one will not want to push a wall out 2 feet to make a room larger.

*Should you choose not to hire an architect for your project but would like advice, please submit your question and I will be happy to answer them.